James Doran-Webb – Charity related pursuits

James takes great satisfaction from growing his own community projects. His main passion is planting trees in a meaningful, long term approach. Aside from this, two community projects were set-up in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2012 – 1 of which is growing from strength to strength.

80,000 Trees

80,000 Trees

In 2013 James embarked on a program of planting and nurturing trees to full growth. Called 80,000 Trees, James has committed to planting and nurturing to full growth Philippine indigenous trees in the denuded hill scapes of Cebu. To date James has planted 25,000 seedlings of which 16,000 are thriving. The program aims to engage local stakeholders by planting 30% fruit trees that will afford local tenants an income after 3 years and 30% timber trees that may, under the supervision of DENR, be felled for economic
gain leaving 40% heritage trees to be protected. The program also affords the local stakeholders a monthly stipend of P1.00 / seedling in return to tending to the seedlings.

Bangka Relief

Bangka Relief

In the days following typhoon Yolanda, James embarked on an aggressive program of repairing small fishermen’s Bangkas setting up an organisation called Bangka Relief. Over the course of the following year James repaired some 220 small fishermen’s’ outriggers in Bantayan island and built 327 small Bangkas for Tacloban fishermen. Bangka Relief was one of the first community programs following the devastating Yolanda focusing on livelihood and the only provider of small fishing boats making 100% of the boat out of sustainable materials. James designed a boat called a “V”tab with a “V” shaped hull made from sustainably sourced Douglas fir and the locally provided Santa Clara plywood and organised a system of cutting parts in Cebu to be sent to Tacloban to be assembled using jig systems that he created in his workshop.

Bantayan Crafts

Bantayan Crafts

aims to empower through enterprise the women of Bantayan, an island located off the North coast of Cebu and destroyed during Typhoon Yolanda. A 50-piece range of gifts was designed and launched using storm debris and natural materials, Participating women have assisted in making over 20,000 pieces since then which have been professionally packaged and displayed on custom made point-of-sale racks. James uses his contacts to display the range in hotels and transport hubs. The enterprise is
going from strength to strength.

Alongside his own community projects, he supports a number of other charities through donations of his work.

Donor Family Network

James has supported this charity since 2012, primarily through donations of his work at their annual charity auctions. This charity does wonderful work raising awareness of the importance of organ donation and consoling those who have lost loved ones. James was overjoyed to be honoured as a Patron of Donor Family Network early 2022.

Please visit https://www.donorfamilynetwork.co.uk/


Captivating.Org is very close to James’ heart. Their mission is to facilitate the education of girls from underprivileged families. James has supported their annual auction with sculptures since 2018. In 2020 he made a Pheonix which raised some $15,000.00 in the Shenzhen auction. You can see a video of the making of the Pheonix here;

Hope and Homes for Children

James also donates every year to this wonderful charity that works tirelessly to find alternatives to orphanages.

Please visit https://www.hopeandhomes.org/what-we-do/

Other Charities

James also donates work to other worthy causes. Here are examples of the results of his donations:

2019… Tubod Art Fair, Cebu…. $4,000.00 for university art grants for underprivileged kids
2020… Art4Front Line, Cebu… $3,500.00 to assist with PPE in the first days of the Pandemic
2022… Ukrainian refugee fund, Cebu… $2,500.00 raised

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