James Doran-Webb

Driftwood Sculptures

Pembrokeshire Exhibition

30th June –15th September 2024 (Daily 10am-4:30pm) at Upton Castel, Pembrokeshire.

The Royal Stags


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Fire and Water

"I become very excited by the prospect of delivering gallons of water through my sculptures, dropping it strategically here and there to add another dimension of drama to my work."

Sunflower Hair
A family of Giraffes

A Family of Giraffes

Watch James's Video detailing the making of the World's largist driftwood animal sculpture. In 2018, James was commissioned to make what was to be his largest sculpture to-date.... A family of Giraffes!

The Wyvern in the Baobabs

"For some years I have toyed with the idea of creating a Dragon, so Imagine my excitement when Doctor Tan, CEO of Singapore's Gardens by the Bay asked me if I might be able to make a Wyvern for the Gardens!"

Diana and the Wyvern

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