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The Rearing Stallion at Close House Golf Course

Back in March, 2013, on a blustery windswept morning, I travelled to Newcastle Upon Tyne to install the brother of the Oakley Court Rearing Stallion in Close House, an exclusive golf course 20km outside of Newcastle. The HIAB arrived not long after me and we off-loaded the Rearing Stallion onto a JCB. It took 5 of us to pull the sculpture into a vertical position and with the wind whistling, a tense half hour followed while I anchored the sculpture onto the concrete foundation. 

Rearing Stallion riding on JCB

His position is perfect; in view of the 19th hole set at the crest of the hill and looking down on the restaurant. Almost a year after installation, Graeme Peacock, one of North East England's best known professional photographers, has taken a series of photographs of the Stallion two of which appear below.

Graeme Peacock Driftwood Rearing Stallion
Graeme Peacock Driftwood Rearing Stallion Hole 19
The Tree Climbing Lions of Lake Manyara
The Field - March 2013

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